Employers – Legal Benefits for your employees.

Are you looking for an innovative way to improve the success and loyalty of your employees and your company?

A recent survey performed by MetLife found that 54% of employees had been involved in a legal matter in the past year and 82% had been involved in a legal issue in the past 5 years.

From adoption to divorce to traffic tickets, many legal issues can be unexpected or complex. Because of the high cost of legal services, many employees try to tackle legal issues on their own, resulting in more time off work and fewer successful outcomes.

The JusticeMobile is an incredible and innovative benefit that your company can offer to its employees, providing legal education efficiently and without a loss of productivity.

The JusticeMobile offers onsite brief legal advice clinics; educational workshops and referrals to qualified attorneys that offer easy to understand flat fee services and hourly fees based on income.

By partnering with the JusticeMobile, your company will be offering an invaluable benefit to your employees, increasing access to justice.

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Non-Profits – Remove Barriers for your Clients.

Frequently legal issues are not only a barrier for your clients, but they are a barrier to connecting your clients to all of the resources available to them . Most non-profits are not in a financial position to have an attorney on staff and pro bono services can be limited.

The JusticeMobile is your solution.

The JusticeMobile is a non-profit that offers regular, onsite legal clinics and educational workshops for your clients and staff.

We have piloted programs at the Columbus Metropolitan Library; Action for Children: Star House; and Holy Family Soup Kitchen with success.

By partnering with the JusticeMobile, your non-profit can use its resources more efficiently and effectively, with more successful outcomes for your clients.

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Problem Worth Solving

A 2009 nationwide study by the federally-funded Legal Services Corporation found that nationally, 80% of the legal needs of the poor go unmet. For the middle class that number is 40-60%. Individuals that do not have the resources to hire an attorney or seek out help are at an incredible disadvantage in the legal system. 

Our solution

In partnership with Yocum Law Office, the JusticeMobile will provide a mobile legal clinic that addresses legal needs in areas that may not traditionally have access to proactive legal education and affordable legal services. This mobile legal clinic can be utilized by employers, agencies, non-profits and schools to educate and improve the lives of their employees, clients or students. It will provide a benefit that can be utilized – regardless of income. Additionally, the Justice-mobile will partner with local attorneys, bar associations and law schools to provide a network of qualified and responsive attorneys that can provide accessible legal services throughout the state. 

Justice for All

The JusticeMobile provides educational advice clinics and does not provide legal representation.